Advanced Exterior Plastering Exterior Residential and Commercial Cladding Christchurch and Canterbury
Advanced Exterior Plastering Exterior Commercial Cladding Christchurch and Canterbury
Advanced Exterior Plastering Exterior Residential and Commercial Cladding Services Christchurch and Canterbury
Advanced Exterior Plastering Exterior Residential and Commercial Cladding Christchurch and Canterbury
Advanced Exterior Plastering Master Plasterers and Master Tilers

Exterior Plastering cladding services Christchurch Canterbury Area.


With a little maintenance, the pristine edges of your plastered residential or commercial property will always look beautiful. For clean angles and sheer wow factor, a property properly clad in plaster is hard to beat.

Cladding is the art of covering a structure to protect, insulate and beautify. It adds a ‘skin’ or extra layer to improve the design of your building and influence its value. When you choose modified plaster cladding to offer those attributes, you are choosing a system which is unsurpassed for effectiveness and glamour.

If you call Advanced Exterior Plastering, Christchurch to provide this service, you know you are in safe hands.

With so many different applications of plaster systems available you need to be able to trust your installer. Weathertightness issues, cracking and shrinkage can all be caused by incorrect or imperfect application, coating and curing.

Other natural factors include building and ground movement – two issues which are challenging, particularly in Canterbury, because we really have no control over them.

Fortunately, our team, led by managing director, Sebastiaan Bastiaanse, have the expert skills, experience and technical know-how to do a brilliant job. We have the right equipment to apply modified plaster over many surfaces including:

  • Brick
  • Enviro Panel
  • Polystyrene
  • Hardies Graphix
  • Stucco Tiltslab
  • Concrete block
  • Erff panel
  • Hebel pane
  • Poly block
  • Monotek
  • Summerhill
  • Lightweight concrete panel.

In addition, our association with sister company, Erect Scaffolding means we can offer the full quotient of exterior services to ensure your project comes to fruition.

Advanced means ‘exceptional’

Advanced Exterior Plastering Exterior Cladding Christchurch and Canterbury

Exterior Plasterers Christchurch for all exterior cladding services covering the Canterbury Region.

The Team:

60+ combined years in the industry.

If you are hard pressed to make a choice over which company to use for your plaster project, you would probably weigh up three main factors: Experience, skill and reputation.

Advanced Exterior Plastering, Christchurch have your deciding factors all in hand, and many more for good measure. With a senior leadership team consisting of managing director, Sebastiaan Bastiaanse, and foremen, Lyndon Williams and Guy Cook, you have a combined 60 years plus of experience to offer the industry.

Sebastiaan is trade qualified in solid plastering and proprietary plastering cladding systems and his experience spans 30 years. He is also a licensed building practitioner and former president of governing body, Canterbury Master Plasterers and Tilers Association (CMPTA).

Membership of the CMPTA is by invite only, and only when plastering companies have demonstrated best practice in aptitude, compliancy and industry qualifications.

Backing Sebastiaan every step of the way are:

  • Lyndon, with 18 years’ experience and trade qualified in sold plastering, proprietary plaster cladding systems and in external insulation finishing systems.
  • Guy, similarly qualified with 15 years’ hands-on experience in solid plastering, proprietary plaster cladding systems and external insulation finishing systems.
  • The rest of the team are a friendly, reliable and professional bunch who hold Site Safe building construction passports, first aid certificates and are trade certified or working towards these qualifications.

As far as reputation goes, just look at our portfolio. We have worked on many Master Builders House of the Year award-winning properties and our membership with CMPTA means our work is regularly inspected and clients’ satisfaction reviewed.

Striving for excellence in all areas

Advanced Exterior Plastering Christchurch and Canterbury region for all exterior cladding services.


Sto good.

The age-old origins of plastering reach back to a world very different from today’s. Exterior plastering in its most naive form has existed in European settlements since the 13th century.

Even earlier (around 7500 BC!) the Egyptians were using lime plaster to cover walls and floors for similar purposes as we are in the 21st century.

We can thank the efforts of our forebearers for the evolvement of the sophisticated modified plaster compounds Advanced Exterior Plastering use now.

Those simple beginnings have connected us to a very old company called the Sto Group.

Sto’s origins lie in Germany as a lime and cement works dating from 1835. In 1936 production became oriented to the development of sustainable, environmentally conscious construction products, including paints, plaster, renders and insulation systems.

The Sto philosophy is “Building with Conscience” and the team at Advanced Exterior Plastering are proud users of these BRANZ appraised products.

Sto deals with render brick, cavity cladding, stucco, insulation, panel cladding and block veneer, fibre cement, concrete block and polystyrene block.

Our team also promote, use and recommend:

  • Specialized Construction Products: cement-based preparation compounds and cavity based monolithic solutions
  • Hebel: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
  • Equus: technical solutions, systems, specifications and warranties
  • Dulux: exterior finishes which protect, maintain and enhance
  • Masons
  • Wattyl
  •  Loxo

Only the best will do

Advanced Exterior Plastering Site-Safe-Member
Advanced Exterior Plastering Ltd.

Plasterers Christchurch and Canterbury, Advanced Exterior Plastering covering Christchurch and the Canterbury region.

Health and safety:

We keep a close eye on H & S.

All business relies heavily on receiving industry and governmental approval in health and safety practices. High standards are expected and required, and onsite work protocol is checked prior to the commencement of every job.

The team at Advanced Exterior Plastering take risk management very seriously to ensure the safety of their employees, people working on their sites and the wider community. And with such a wide geographical area to take care of (including Christchurch, South Canterbury, Queenstown, Kaikoura, Nelson, Blenheim and the West Coast) we need documented procedures to keep our team up with the play.

Close affiliation with CMPTA (est. 1905) means that our team also actively participate in the growth and professional development of all aspects of our craft. Our work is assessed, checked and reviewed and we are always aiming to exceed the standards set.

We are a fully licensed company who always get a tick of approval for our comprehensive health and safety programme, and we are proud of our 100% clean record.

When you call our team, you can be guaranteed of receiving the highest possible workmanship encompassing:

  • Industry standards
  • Compliancy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Client peace of mind
  • Ethical business practice
  • Health and safety training
  • Building Construction Passport possession.

Our story is for your peace of mind

Programmed Maintenance

Painted surfaces should be washed down and repainted every 5 to 8 years with the correct paint for the substrate.

Exterior Painting

Our experienced painters can recommend and apply the correct paint to the existing substrate.

High build elastomeric paints, waterproof membranes, breathable paints to residential and commercial buildings and fencing.

Decorative cement and Limewash effect paint to exterior and interior walls.

Epoxy paints to concrete floors and warehousing.

Stains and oils to timber.

Advanced Exterior Plastering has its own Scaffolding, Mobile Scaffolds, Scissor Lifts and High-Pressure Water Blasters to Provide an efficient one-stop Service.


Please contact us using the details below or use the contact form – we look forward to hearing from you.

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